Multiple / fake accounts, forum etiquette

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Multiple / fake accounts, forum etiquette

Postby Samwise » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:42 pm


Forum members are reminded that we require people not to hide behind multiple or fake account names. It is not fair on the rest of our community to knowingly misrepresent yourself as someone else. This is one of the few things that may regrettably lead us to require a forum member to leave.

The "etiquette" of this forum, such as it is, is relatively simple - do not hide behind multiple accounts to deceive people, and keep your posts family-friendly: we have a wide range of members, from school age to pensioners.

If you don't get on with someone, use the tools in the User Control Panel to help you filter what posts you see. If you see anyone being rude either to yourself or to anyone else, please report it ASAP so our moderators and admins can investigate. Do not respond to a troll. There are a few other guidelines our moderators work to wrt the size of sigs and such like, but rather than publish a long list of forbidden actions we simply deal with such things via a quiet PM.

This system has worked for over a decade and we think it will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks, everyone,


(On behalf of both the *. STH admin and moderators teams)