MAME: Mouse

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MAME: Mouse

Postby Pernod » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:56 am

What are the differences between the AMX mouse and that provided with the M512, apart from the obvious 3 vs 2 buttons. I see from various sources that you should be able to use an AMX mouse with the M512 but looking at the code in b-em they are wired differently so this can't possibly be true, can anyone clarify?

Is anyone familiar with the mouse code in b-em? I'm struggling to understand exactly what is required, specifically when to assert/clear the CB lines. I also don't know the significance of the variables mouse_ff, mx, my so can anyone explain?

I do have the AMX mouse moving in MAME but it's sluggish, and the M512 mouse with GEM just wobbles around the middle of screen so I'm clearly not understanding something.
- Nigel

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