High score lists: Old magazines, web

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High score lists: Old magazines, web

Postby Wouter Scholten » Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:06 pm

I mentioned having collected high scores from magazines already quite a while ago (though I miss some lists/scans from other magazines than those listed on my page below, that I am sure I made) and I saw again the 30M+ score for Zalaga, mentioned in TMU 1990. But others got to almost the same score, from the score lists in AU, and that would take a day it seems to play, perhaps they let the game run at some point and gone to sleep (possible by kill all aliens on 1 side of the screen). I think that score is possible, but I have some doubts about some other scores, Planetoid and Meteors for example, and there is a mixing of scores of Electron versions and BBC versions for various games, as I discuss here:


Any suggestions for other magazines or sources are welcome, exact references or scans even better... Also interested in if anyone has compared game playing speed of e.g. Meteors and Arcadians on the Electron, vs. the BBC versions on the BBC.

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