Compatability - mulling over new feature

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Compatability - mulling over new feature

Postby pau1ie » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:05 pm

Lee is reading adverts from old magazines and noticed that some games are advertised as Model A compatible. He would like to reflect this in the website, along with games that are incompatible with a model B.

Taking this a step further I think that we could do the following:

Add 3 columns to the game table for compatability with the Model A, Model B, and Master.

I will set all games to:

N (For incompatible) for Model A
Y (For Compatible) for model B
Null (i.e. blank for untested) for Master

Lee will then change the Model B compatibility to N for the few games that only run on a Master, populate Model A compatibility as he finds them, and probably leave the Master field alone (I think he tests on a Model B).

There is a hardware comments field for games which need or benefit from sideways RAM, or need 1770 DFS, etc (It is a free form field) e.g. Astroblaster, so we don't need to drill down anyfurther.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Some half formed thoughts are that some games "kind of" work on a Master but with graphics corruption etc, some don't work at all and some work fine, so maybe this should be reflected. Does anyone have a list of Master compatibility? I don't think Lee does.
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Re: Compatability - mulling over new feature

Postby joachim » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:27 pm

What will you do if e.g. the original release was Master-incompatible but Mick's disc is Master-compatible? Or some other such combination.

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Re: Compatability - mulling over new feature

Postby leenew » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:32 pm

What would you suggest here joachim?
If this feature gets implemented, my first task will be to add all the Model 'A' games that I find in the old magazines, then highlight the few games we have that don't work on a Model 'B', or REQUIRE a Master.
I would be hoping for help with the 'Master compatible' field...

(My other job at the moment is compiling lists of every game that appeared in the magazines such as Micro User, Electron User, Acorn User, Beebug etc. And cross referencing this with the games we have on the site.
I have recently sent Mick every missing game from Micro User and Acorn Computing... so we have plenty to be getting on with... :D )


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Re: Compatability - mulling over new feature

Postby sweh » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:47 pm

Old school would be to use a bitmask:
Works on A
Works on B
Works on Master
Works on Electron

This isn't the database developers view of the world; each bit would be a boolean column instead. A NULL could be '?' for unknown.

This would allow for expansion (Works on Arthur, Works on RiscOS, Works on BeebEm?) as necessary.

If there are two versions of a game (eg the original, and Mick's fixed versions) on the site then each version would have its own flags, but that would depend on how you're storing the game data.

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