DOSPlus with Econet

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DOSPlus with Econet

Post by Boydie »

Acornsoft's DOS Plus with Econet Software

Disk image is ADL format, copied from original disk to Gotek. Scan of manual is included - someone cleverer than me will have to OCR it!
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Re: DOSPlus with Econet

Post by Pernod »

Didn't even know this existed, great find =D>
- Nigel

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Re: DOSPlus with Econet

Post by markyoungiw »

I would like to thank you dearly for posting this disk image.

I gave it a go and it works perfectly.

Thank you
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Re: DOSPlus with Econet

Post by Simon »

Thanks very much for this it works great!

Oddly it won't work with a 80C186 I had to put my original CPU back in.
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