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Re: Micromud

Post by fuzzel »

Here are a couple of maps from Micro Adventurer magazine:
MUD MAP1.jpg
MUD MAP2.jpg
Note that Valley is mentioned on the map. This was a second game and, I guess almost uniquely for a text adventure, you could wander between the two games but you weren't able to take objects with you. My hardcopy a3 printout from bitd has the Valley adjunct but the version of MUD.TXT available online doesn't. I'm hoping to map Micromud soon to see how much of the original mud is in there (Mud had 420 rooms with Valley an additional 90).
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Re: Micromud

Post by hoglet »

fuzzel wrote:
Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:51 pm
Here are a couple of maps from Micro Adventurer magazine:
Did you spot the full map linked here?
https://solutionarchive.com/game/id%2C7 ... roMUD.html
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Re: Micromud

Post by fuzzel »

Thanks for that, hoglet, that'll save me an awful lot of time. It's big isn't it?
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Re: Micromud

Post by pmccraken »

Wow. I don't even know how this version got out into the wild! No problem with it at all as it's amazing that I what I thought was lost forever can still turn up.... Well done to whomever got it to work.

Jon Stuart and I wrote Micromud back in 1984/5. We were only intending to release it on the Commodore 64 as it was the much bigger market at the time. We used the BBC Micro as our development machine with a link to downloaded the code to a C64 development environment for testing.

It was so "big" that it required data to retrieved from floppy disk in real-time and cached in-memory.
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Re: Micromud

Post by fuzzel »

pmccraken wrote:
Fri Apr 09, 2021 6:40 pm
Wow. I don't even know how this version got out into the wild! No problem with it at all as it's amazing that I what I thought was lost forever can still turn up.... Well done to whomever got it to work.

Jon Stuart and I wrote Micromud back in 1984/5. We were only intending to release it on the Commodore 64 as it was the much bigger market at the time. We used the BBC Micro as our development machine with a link to downloaded the code to a C64 development environment for testing.

It was so "big" that it required data to retrieved from floppy disk in real-time and cached in-memory.
Hi, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to this All-things-Acorn forum but I bet one of the keen 'uns on here has already PMd you with a long list of questions. I started this topic a couple of years ago after finding out from a magazine about an enhanced BBC being used as the development machine for the C64 version of Micromud. I've had a go at the C64 version using an emulator and was very impressed with the program (having played MUDs myself at Essex I know what one looks like and yours was very authentic). My only gripe was that the speed of the C64 just wasn't able to do it justice. Did you consider releasing a BBC version? A sideways ram enhanced BBC or Master would have provided the necessary speed to make it an eminently playable game. Also I was wondering how much support you received from Richard Bartle? I imagine he provided a MUDDL printout of the game and you also had, I guess, access to MUD online (either the original Essex version or Bartle's paid for BT version). Looking at the BBC version I've found it appears, without close inspection, to be incomplete. Was there a more complete version? Or did you have several versions for trying different things out, after all, the game has a huge number of locations, objects, puzzles and messages. And do you or Jon still have some development stuff up in the attic which you could share with us? I'd love to know more about how you and your friend came to write 8-bit MUD.
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Re: Micromud

Post by lurkio »

pmccraken wrote:
Fri Apr 09, 2021 6:40 pm
Jon Stuart and I wrote Micromud back in 1984/5.
Welcome to Stardot, Paul!

I wonder if you can shed any light on the (possibly unreleased) game Caves (aka Caves of SUD), which I think was written by Micromud co-author Jonathan Stuart?:


Are you able to confirm that it was the same Jonathan Stuart who wrote both Caves and Micromud? Do you know anything else about Caves at all?

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Re: Micromud

Post by BeebInC »

I disassembled this years ago... :)
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Re: Micromud

Post by BeebInC »

Needs tidying up before I ever release it, but heres a bit

Computer player message strings
COMMAND=00 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=04dc FLAGS=ff Hello."
COMMAND=00 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04dd FLAGS=ff Hi!."
COMMAND=00 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=04de FLAGS=ff Hiya."
COMMAND=00 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=04df FLAGS=ff Hi there!"
COMMAND=00 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04e0 FLAGS=ff Hiya."
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04e1 FLAGS=ff Probably...Hehe."
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=04e2 FLAGS=ff Sorry not now."
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=04e3 FLAGS=ff Can I what?!!"
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=d7 (215) MSG=04e4 FLAGS=ff Can't you manage yourself?"
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=f1 (241) MSG=04e4 FLAGS=ff Can't you manage yourself?"
COMMAND=01 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04e5 FLAGS=ff Uh?"
COMMAND=02 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=04e6 FLAGS=ff Why do you think it matters?"
COMMAND=02 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04e7 FLAGS=ff Don't you know?"
COMMAND=02 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=04e7 FLAGS=ff Don't you know?"
COMMAND=02 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=04e8 FLAGS=ff Me?!!"
COMMAND=02 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04e9 FLAGS=ff Why?!!"
COMMAND=03 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04ea FLAGS=ff Eh?"
COMMAND=03 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=04eb FLAGS=ff Errrr....Probably."
COMMAND=03 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=04ec FLAGS=ff Why?"
COMMAND=03 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04ed FLAGS=ff Sorry, what did you say?"
COMMAND=04 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04f6 FLAGS=ff Eh?"
COMMAND=04 CHANCE=a5 (165) MSG=04ef FLAGS=ff ?!!"
COMMAND=04 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=04e5 FLAGS=ff Uh?"
COMMAND=04 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04f1 FLAGS=ff Hmmm..."
COMMAND=05 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=04f2 FLAGS=ff Why does anyone do anything?!!"
COMMAND=05 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=04f3 FLAGS=ff Why what?"
COMMAND=05 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=04f4 FLAGS=ff I'm not sure really..."
COMMAND=05 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=04f5 FLAGS=ff Why not!"
COMMAND=05 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04f6 FLAGS=ff Eh?"
COMMAND=06 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=04f7 FLAGS=ff Ok."
COMMAND=06 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=04f8 FLAGS=ff I suppose so..."
COMMAND=06 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04f9 FLAGS=ff Sure!"
COMMAND=07 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=04fa FLAGS=ff Same to you!"
COMMAND=07 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=04fb FLAGS=ff Oi! Just watch your language, otherwise I'll tell a wiz!"
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=04fc FLAGS=ff Errr.....Why?!!"
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=8b (139) MSG=04fd FLAGS=ff Somewhere, over the rainbow..."
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=04fe FLAGS=ff Somewhere..."
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=04fe FLAGS=ff Somewhere..."
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=04ff FLAGS=ff Where are YOU at the moment?"
COMMAND=08 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0500 FLAGS=ff Errr....Dunno."
COMMAND=09 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0501 FLAGS=ff Uh?"
COMMAND=09 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=050c FLAGS=ff What about politeness!"
COMMAND=09 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0503 FLAGS=ff Why?!!"
COMMAND=09 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0504 FLAGS=ff What, what?!!"
COMMAND=0a CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0505 FLAGS=ff How?!!"
COMMAND=0a CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0506 FLAGS=ff Why do you want to know?"
COMMAND=0a CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0507 FLAGS=ff How now brown cow, I think I'm mad."
COMMAND=0a CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0507 FLAGS=ff How now brown cow, I think I'm mad."
COMMAND=0a CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0508 FLAGS=ff I was about to ask you..."
COMMAND=0b CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0509 FLAGS=ff I am an intelligent mobile."
COMMAND=0b CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=050a FLAGS=ff Why do you say that?"
COMMAND=0c CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=050b FLAGS=ff Politeness is always a help..."
COMMAND=0c CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=050c FLAGS=ff What about politeness!"
COMMAND=0d CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=050d FLAGS=ff Oi! Give me that back."
COMMAND=0d CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=050e FLAGS=ff I'd give that back if I were you."
COMMAND=0e CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=050f FLAGS=ff Can I what?!!"
COMMAND=0e CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0510 FLAGS=ff I could..."
COMMAND=0e CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0511 FLAGS=ff Can't you manage?!!
COMMAND=0f CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0512 FLAGS=ff I'm about to tell you."
COMMAND=0f CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0513 FLAGS=ff Don't you know."
COMMAND=0f CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0514 FLAGS=ff Errr....Why?!!"
COMMAND=10 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0515 FLAGS=ff I'm fine, how are you."
COMMAND=10 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0516 FLAGS=ff I'm ok maaaaaan..."
COMMAND=11 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0517 FLAGS=ff I did hear you the first time."
COMMAND=11 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0518 FLAGS=ff I heard you the first time..."
COMMAND=12 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0519 FLAGS=ff I said I heard you!!!!"
COMMAND=12 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=051a FLAGS=ff Hmmmm...."
COMMAND=12 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=051b FLAGS=ff Hello....Again?"
COMMAND=13 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=051c FLAGS=ff I shouldn't really tell you..."
COMMAND=13 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=051d FLAGS=ff Sorry I can't tell you..."
COMMAND=13 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=051e FLAGS=ff It would be too easy if I just told you."
COMMAND=14 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=051f FLAGS=ff Zap em!!!"
COMMAND=14 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0520 FLAGS=ff Zap them with the wand, if you can find it..."
COMMAND=14 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0521 FLAGS=ff Dunno..."
COMMAND=14 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0522 FLAGS=ff Why should I tell you!"
COMMAND=15 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0523 FLAGS=ff I'm not sure, sorry..."
COMMAND=15 CHANCE=8b (139) MSG=0524 FLAGS=ff Errrr...Now that you ask I can't remember."
COMMAND=15 CHANCE=a5 (165) MSG=0525 FLAGS=ff Why?"
COMMAND=15 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0526 FLAGS=ff You need some powder to start with..."
COMMAND=16 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0527 FLAGS=ff You can't!!!"
COMMAND=16 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0528 FLAGS=ff Ask the crown!"
COMMAND=16 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0529 FLAGS=ff Get to wizard...Hehe."
COMMAND=17 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=052a FLAGS=ff Give it some food..."
COMMAND=17 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=052b FLAGS=ff Don't even think about it unless you want to die young..."
COMMAND=17 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=052c FLAGS=ff Try kissing it...Hehe."
COMMAND=18 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=052d FLAGS=ff That's all I'm going to tell you..."
COMMAND=18 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=052e FLAGS=ff You don't need to know anymore."
COMMAND=18 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=052f FLAGS=ff Can't you think for yourself."
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=0a ( 10) MSG=0530 FLAGS=ff Who's got the umbrella?"
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=14 ( 20) MSG=0531 FLAGS=ff Where's the umbrella."
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=1e ( 30) MSG=0532 FLAGS=ff Ok, who got to the umbrella first?"
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=28 ( 40) MSG=0533 FLAGS=ff Has someone swamped the umbrella?"
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0534 FLAGS=ff What's happened to the umbrella?"
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=3c ( 60) MSG=0535 FLAGS=ff Has someone got the umbrella..."
COMMAND=19 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=0536 FLAGS=ff Mind your heads!"
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0537 FLAGS=ff Cover your ears this is going to be loud..."
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=0538 FLAGS=ff Take aim..."
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0539 FLAGS=ff Get ready to duck!"
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=053a FLAGS=ff This door doesn't know what's about to hit it!"
COMMAND=1a CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=053b FLAGS=ff It always seem to rain just when i don't want it to..."
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=053c FLAGS=ff The rain in spain is mainly over my head!"
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=053d FLAGS=ff Is this rain directed against me specifically?"
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=053e FLAGS=ff Could we have some nice weather...Pleeeeeeze."
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=053f FLAGS=ff Rain, rain go away come back some other day, preferably never!"
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0540 FLAGS=ff Raindrops keep falling on my head..."
COMMAND=1b CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=05 ( 5) MSG=0541 FLAGS=ff Best to try with a low level personae first!"
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=11 ( 17) MSG=0542 FLAGS=ff What island? hehe..."
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=14 ( 20) MSG=0543 FLAGS=ff There's only one safe place on it..."
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0544 FLAGS=ff Read the sign, that'll help you."
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=054e FLAGS=ff I've got one suggestion... Forget it!"
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=054f FLAGS=ff So you don't like living, right? hehe!"
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=054d FLAGS=ff Don't risk a high level personae!"
COMMAND=1c CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=0541 FLAGS=ff Best to try with a low level personae first!"
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=0545 FLAGS=ff I've heard about it, but never been there."
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0549 FLAGS=ff Never been there, sorry."
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=37 ( 55) MSG=0547 FLAGS=ff I know the ring has some magical properties."
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=054b FLAGS=ff Wish I knew!"
COMMAND=1d CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0548 FLAGS=ff Dunno..."
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=054a FLAGS=ff Sorry, no idea..."
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0549 FLAGS=ff Never been there, sorry."
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=054b FLAGS=ff Wish I knew!"
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0545 FLAGS=ff I've heard about it, but never been there."
COMMAND=1e CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=0544 FLAGS=ff Read the sign, that'll help you."
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0541 FLAGS=ff Best to try with a low level personae first!"
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=054d FLAGS=ff Don't risk a high level personae!"
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=2b ( 43) MSG=0543 FLAGS=ff There's only one safe place on it..."
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=37 ( 55) MSG=054c FLAGS=ff Well... Ok! Look for a locket but what out for the dragon..."
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=0542 FLAGS=ff What island? hehe..."
COMMAND=1f CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0550 FLAGS=ff In a word, no."
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0551 FLAGS=ff What's in it for me?"
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0552 FLAGS=ff I might be open to a bribe...Hehe."
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0553 FLAGS=ff Depends what you offer in return..."
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0554 FLAGS=ff I might, on the other hand, I might not."
COMMAND=20 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0555 FLAGS=ff What will you give me if I help you?"
COMMAND=21 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=0556 FLAGS=ff I might help you if you said what you wanted help with..."
COMMAND=21 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0557 FLAGS=ff Help you with what?"
COMMAND=21 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0558 FLAGS=ff What do you want help with?"
COMMAND=21 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0559 FLAGS=ff Maybe, but help you with what?"
COMMAND=22 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=055a FLAGS=ff Ok, see you at the portcullis!"
COMMAND=22 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=055b FLAGS=ff Ok, meet at the portcullis."
COMMAND=22 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=055c FLAGS=ff Meet you at the portcullis then!"
COMMAND=22 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=055d FLAGS=ff See you there!"
COMMAND=22 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=055e FLAGS=ff I'll be waiting at the portcullis then."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=055f FLAGS=ff Sorry, I can't help you with that."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0560 FLAGS=ff I'd like to, but I can't sorry."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=72 (114) MSG=0561 FLAGS=ff I can't help with that..."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0562 FLAGS=ff It's not that I won't help, I just can't sorry."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0563 FLAGS=ff I can't, sorry."
COMMAND=23 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=24 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0564 FLAGS=ff Me helping you won't make the slightest bit of difference."
COMMAND=24 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0565 FLAGS=ff Having someone to help you won't make any difference."
COMMAND=24 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0566 FLAGS=ff Doesn't make any difference, try sliding it instead."
COMMAND=24 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0567 FLAGS=ff Try sliding it."
COMMAND=24 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0568 FLAGS=ff You can't 'open' it, even with help, hint! Hint!"
COMMAND=25 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0569 FLAGS=ff Ok, I'm there!"
COMMAND=25 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=056a FLAGS=ff I'm at the portcullis now."
COMMAND=25 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=056b FLAGS=ff I'm there now..."
COMMAND=25 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=056c FLAGS=ff Waiting at portcullis for you."
COMMAND=25 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=26 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=056d FLAGS=ff I'm waiting..."
COMMAND=26 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=056e FLAGS=ff Hurry up please..."
COMMAND=26 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=056f FLAGS=ff Come on slowcoach!"
COMMAND=26 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=27 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0570 FLAGS=ff You've got to be joking, right?"
COMMAND=27 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0571 FLAGS=ff Sure, sure... After you!"
COMMAND=27 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0572 FLAGS=ff No way!"
COMMAND=27 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0573 FLAGS=ff Have you gone out of your mind?"
COMMAND=27 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0574 FLAGS=ff What do you think I am? Stupid?"
COMMAND=28 CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=0575 FLAGS=ff They're not here, how can I attack them then?"
COMMAND=28 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0576 FLAGS=ff I can't help you kill someone if they're not in the room."
COMMAND=28 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0577 FLAGS=ff I can only help if they're in the same room."
COMMAND=29 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=057a FLAGS=ff They've done nothing to harm me..."
COMMAND=29 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=057b FLAGS=ff No I will not kill someone for you!"
COMMAND=29 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=057c FLAGS=ff No I will not, I'm a peaceful person at heart!"
COMMAND=29 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=057d FLAGS=ff Nope!"
COMMAND=2a CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0578 FLAGS=ff Ok, lets hack 'em!"
COMMAND=2a CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0579 FLAGS=ff Hehe, ok..."
COMMAND=2b CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=057e FLAGS=ff You don't need help to open the gate, just the right approach."
COMMAND=2b CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=057f FLAGS=ff Opening the gate does not require more than one person..."
COMMAND=2b CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0580 FLAGS=ff The only help you need is a hint."
COMMAND=2b CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=2c CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=0581 FLAGS=ff A dwarfen tool may be of use..."
COMMAND=2c CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0582 FLAGS=ff How does a burglar open locks..."
COMMAND=2c CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0583 FLAGS=ff This could be a hint on how to open the gate... But it isn't! Hehe."
COMMAND=2d CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=0584 FLAGS=ff I AM helping you!"
COMMAND=2d CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0585 FLAGS=ff I'm already helping you dumbo!"
COMMAND=2d CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0586 FLAGS=ff Are you stupid or something? I already AM helping you!"
COMMAND=2e CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=0587 FLAGS=ff Sorry, I'm busy at the moment."
COMMAND=2e CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0588 FLAGS=ff I'd like to, but I'm busy at the moment."
COMMAND=2e CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0589 FLAGS=ff I'm busy, sorry..."
COMMAND=2e CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=058a FLAGS=ff Sorry, I can't at the moment."
COMMAND=2f CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=058b FLAGS=ff I SAID I was busy!!"
COMMAND=2f CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=058c FLAGS=ff I said I was busy, [bizi] occupied, working, attention concentrated, get the
COMMAND=2f CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=058d FLAGS=ff Don't you listen? I said I was busy!"
COMMAND=30 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=059a FLAGS=ff I'm perfectly capable of killing myself, if I wanted to."
COMMAND=30 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=059b FLAGS=ff I don't fancy suicide, thanks..."
COMMAND=30 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=059c FLAGS=ff Are you a half wit or something?
COMMAND=30 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=059d FLAGS=ff Now I KNOW you're thick."
COMMAND=30 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=059e FLAGS=ff Why on earth would I assist you in my own death?"
COMMAND=31 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=059f FLAGS=ff You'll regret you said that..."
COMMAND=31 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05a0 FLAGS=ff I don't think you should have said that!"
COMMAND=31 CHANCE=72 (114) MSG=05a1 FLAGS=ff You've just signed your own death warrant!"
COMMAND=31 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05a2 FLAGS=ff I forsee you dying very soon..."
COMMAND=31 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05a3 FLAGS=ff So you want to commit suicide..."
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05a4 FLAGS=ff If i weren't so nice, I would!"
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=72 (114) MSG=05a5 FLAGS=ff Are you sure you want to die?"
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05a6 FLAGS=ff I'm afraid euthanasia is not allowed."
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=05a7 FLAGS=ff This time you're lucky I won't help you!"
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=05a8 FLAGS=ff I take it you didn't mean what you just said."
COMMAND=32 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=33 CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=058e FLAGS=ff I'm not going to repeat myself again..."
COMMAND=33 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=058f FLAGS=ff Oh, shut up!!"
COMMAND=33 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0590 FLAGS=ff Shut up will you!!!!"
COMMAND=34 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=0591 FLAGS=ff I haven't got it."
COMMAND=34 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0595 FLAGS=ff No, I haven't."
COMMAND=34 CHANCE=72 (114) MSG=0596 FLAGS=ff Nope."
COMMAND=34 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0592 FLAGS=ff I may have it."
COMMAND=34 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0594 FLAGS=ff I don't know where it is."
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0597 FLAGS=ff Dunno..."
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0598 FLAGS=ff I haven't the faintest idea."
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0599 FLAGS=ff I really don't know..."
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=04f4 FLAGS=ff I'm not sure really..."
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0506 FLAGS=ff Why do you want to know?"
COMMAND=35 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=36 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=05a9 FLAGS=ff Ok, forget it then!"
COMMAND=36 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=05aa FLAGS=ff Well if you can't be bothered, neither can I."
COMMAND=36 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=05ab FLAGS=ff I'm not waiting any longer..."
COMMAND=36 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05ac FLAGS=ff I'm off then!"
COMMAND=37 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05ad FLAGS=ff No way, its too risky..."
COMMAND=37 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=05ae FLAGS=ff Far too risky..."
COMMAND=37 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05af FLAGS=ff Too risky, sorry..."
COMMAND=37 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=05b0 FLAGS=ff No thanks, bit too risky for my liking."
COMMAND=37 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05b1 FLAGS=ff Maybe if you attacked them first..."
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=05b2 FLAGS=ff Wheeeeee..."
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=05b3 FLAGS=ff Over we go..."
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05b4 FLAGS=ff One, two, three, wheeee!!"
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05b5 FLAGS=ff Over I go..."
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=05b6 FLAGS=ff Here goes nothing!!"
COMMAND=38 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=39 CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=05b7 FLAGS=ff Has someone got an axe?"
COMMAND=39 CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=05b8 FLAGS=ff Has someone got an axe I can borrow?"
COMMAND=39 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05b9 FLAGS=ff Anyone know where the axe is?"
COMMAND=39 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=3a CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=05ba FLAGS=ff Arrrgghh!! I hate dwarfs!"
COMMAND=3a CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05bb FLAGS=ff I really hate dwarfs!"
COMMAND=3a CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=3b CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=05bc FLAGS=ff Here pussy, come to daddy..."
COMMAND=3b CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=02 ( 2) MSG=05bd FLAGS=ff Ah! The answer to one of the tombs is bahno."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=05 ( 5) MSG=05be FLAGS=ff In case anyone wants to know 'trousers' is a tomb answer!"
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=07 ( 7) MSG=05bf FLAGS=ff I think you can chop the tree down with the axe..."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=0a ( 10) MSG=05c0 FLAGS=ff Ah...Bet you didn't know you could eat the cat, when its dead that is.."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=05c1 FLAGS=ff Hehe, try kissing the princess if you're female."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=0f ( 15) MSG=05c2 FLAGS=ff Whooooops... Don't enter the swamp with a lit brand.. Otherwise KABOOM!"
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=11 ( 17) MSG=05c3 FLAGS=ff That ogre's not very clever..."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=14 ( 20) MSG=05c4 FLAGS=ff Hehe, that ogre's pretty thick..."
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=16 ( 22) MSG=05c5 FLAGS=ff MMMmmm... These wafers are useful!"
COMMAND=3c CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=3d CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=05c6 FLAGS=ff Thanks, but I don't want any help..."
COMMAND=3d CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05c7 FLAGS=ff Thank you but I don't need any help at the moment."
COMMAND=3e CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=05c8 FLAGS=ff If you want to help me, please come to the portcullis."
COMMAND=3e CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=05c9 FLAGS=ff Come to the portcullis if you want to help me."
COMMAND=3e CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05ca FLAGS=ff Please help me with the portcullis."
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05cb FLAGS=ff I'll catch you one day!!"
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05cc FLAGS=ff You won't always be able to escape!"
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=72 (114) MSG=05cd FLAGS=ff Consider yourself lucky this time!"
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05ce FLAGS=ff Hah! I'll let you off this time!"
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=be (190) MSG=05cf FLAGS=ff Consider youself very, very lucky!"
COMMAND=3f CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=40 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05d0 FLAGS=ff Ok, if you really want to die..."
COMMAND=40 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=05d1 FLAGS=ff If you're sure you want to die..."
COMMAND=40 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05d2 FLAGS=ff Well, ok..."
COMMAND=40 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=05d3 FLAGS=ff Hehe, ok..."
COMMAND=40 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=41 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=05d4 FLAGS=ff I don't need any help, thanks."
COMMAND=41 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=42 CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=05d5 FLAGS=ff Thanks, come to the portcullis."
COMMAND=42 CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=05d6 FLAGS=ff Ok, come to the portcullis, please."
COMMAND=42 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05d7 FLAGS=ff Meet me at the portcullis then, thanks."
COMMAND=42 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05d8 FLAGS=ff Ok, meet me there, please."
COMMAND=42 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=43 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05d9 FLAGS=ff Humpf...Ok."
COMMAND=43 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=05da FLAGS=ff Ok..Thanks anyway."
COMMAND=43 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=05db FLAGS=ff Thanks anyway..."
COMMAND=43 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05dc FLAGS=ff Ok, never mind."
COMMAND=44 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=05dd FLAGS=ff I don't like people refusing me!"
COMMAND=44 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=05de FLAGS=ff Thats not very nice, i think you'll regret your answer."
COMMAND=44 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05df FLAGS=ff Grrrrr... Refuse ME would you?"
COMMAND=44 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=05e0 FLAGS=ff I don't like people who say no..."
COMMAND=44 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05e1 FLAGS=ff I have this vision of you having an accident..."
COMMAND=45 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05e2 FLAGS=ff I don't like people who don't answer..."
COMMAND=45 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=05e3 FLAGS=ff I take it your silence means no...(which you'll regret)."
COMMAND=45 CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=05e4 FLAGS=ff Is that silence a no? If it is then it's a bad move!"
COMMAND=45 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05e5 FLAGS=ff With that silence you sign your death warrant."
COMMAND=46 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=05e6 FLAGS=ff Dragon? didn't even know there was one..."
COMMAND=46 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=05e7 FLAGS=ff What dragon?"
COMMAND=46 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=05e8 FLAGS=ff I didn't even know there was one..."
COMMAND=46 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05e9 FLAGS=ff Didn't know there was one."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=05ea FLAGS=ff Sorry, you're too inexperienced to tell..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=05eb FLAGS=ff You're too inexperienced, sorry..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=05ec FLAGS=ff I'm not going to tell such a low level character..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=8b (139) MSG=05ed FLAGS=ff You're too low a level personae to be told..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=a5 (165) MSG=05ee FLAGS=ff You're too low a level personae to be helped..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=05ef FLAGS=ff I'm not going to help such a low level personae..."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=d7 (215) MSG=05f0 FLAGS=ff You're too lowly a person to tell."
COMMAND=47 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=05f1 FLAGS=ff You're too insignificant to help."
COMMAND=48 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=05ff FLAGS=ff Oi! Who stole my parachute!!!"
COMMAND=48 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0600 FLAGS=ff Oi, who nicked my umbrella!!"
COMMAND=48 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0601 FLAGS=ff Did someone steal my umbrella!!?"
COMMAND=48 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0602 FLAGS=ff Thanks a bunch!"
COMMAND=49 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=0603 FLAGS=ff Someone has the coracle! Sniff!"
COMMAND=49 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0604 FLAGS=ff Someone's got to the boat before me! Sniff!"
COMMAND=49 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0605 FLAGS=ff Ok...Who got to the boat before me!"
COMMAND=49 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0606 FLAGS=ff Sniff...I'm trapped."
COMMAND=4a CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0607 FLAGS=ff I'm not moving anywhere, sorry..."
COMMAND=4a CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0608 FLAGS=ff I'm not going anywhere, sorry..."
COMMAND=4a CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0609 FLAGS=ff I'm not moving, sorry..."
COMMAND=4a CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=060a FLAGS=ff No, sorry..."
COMMAND=4a CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=060b FLAGS=ff I can't at the moment...."
COMMAND=4b CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=060c FLAGS=ff I SAID I'm not moving!!!"
COMMAND=4b CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=060d FLAGS=ff Didn't you hear?? I said I'm not going anywhere..."
COMMAND=4c CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=060e FLAGS=ff Ok, you can take it that I'm bribed! Hehe."
COMMAND=4c CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=060f FLAGS=ff Ok, I may be more pliable now..."
COMMAND=4c CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0610 FLAGS=ff Thats nice thanks..."
COMMAND=4c CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0611 FLAGS=ff Thanks...I may be nicer now..."
COMMAND=4d CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=0612 FLAGS=ff You can only bribe people with objects you know..."
COMMAND=4d CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0613 FLAGS=ff I can only be bribed with objects..."
COMMAND=4d CHANCE=be (190) MSG=0614 FLAGS=ff You have to bribe with objects, nothing else..."
COMMAND=4d CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0615 FLAGS=ff You can't barter with that, me old son!"
COMMAND=4e CHANCE=58 ( 88) MSG=0616 FLAGS=ff You will, will you?"
COMMAND=4e CHANCE=b1 (177) MSG=0617 FLAGS=ff You will....what?"
COMMAND=4e CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0618 FLAGS=ff You will what!??"
COMMAND=4f CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=0619 FLAGS=ff Hmmm..."
COMMAND=4f CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=061a FLAGS=ff Aye, aye capt'n?"
COMMAND=50 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=061b FLAGS=ff Tisk, tisk, thats not worth enough!"
COMMAND=50 CHANCE=7f (127) MSG=061c FLAGS=ff Nope...Not worth enough!"
COMMAND=50 CHANCE=be (190) MSG=061d FLAGS=ff Not worth enough, sorry..."
COMMAND=50 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=061e FLAGS=ff Not worth enough, me old mate!"
COMMAND=51 CHANCE=e4 (228) MSG=0624 FLAGS=ff I'm only here to run the game not to talk to you!"
COMMAND=51 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=0c ( 12) MSG=0625 FLAGS=ff I wouldn't be carrying it if I didn't need it!"
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=19 ( 25) MSG=0626 FLAGS=ff Sorry, I need it."
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=26 ( 38) MSG=0627 FLAGS=ff Nope, sorry."
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=32 ( 50) MSG=0628 FLAGS=ff I need it, sorry!"
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=3f ( 63) MSG=062a FLAGS=ff Nope! Hehe."
COMMAND=52 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=53 CHANCE=4c ( 76) MSG=0592 FLAGS=ff I may have it."
COMMAND=53 CHANCE=98 (152) MSG=0593 FLAGS=ff I've got it."
COMMAND=53 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=54 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=0591 FLAGS=ff I haven't got it."
COMMAND=54 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0596 FLAGS=ff Nope."
COMMAND=54 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=55 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=062b FLAGS=ff I can't give you that!"
COMMAND=55 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=062c FLAGS=ff I don't know what kind of object that is..."
COMMAND=55 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=56 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=062d FLAGS=ff I didn't ask you anything..."
COMMAND=56 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=062e FLAGS=ff I don't think I asked you a question."
COMMAND=56 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
COMMAND=57 CHANCE=65 (101) MSG=062f FLAGS=ff Ok, never mind."
COMMAND=57 CHANCE=cb (203) MSG=0630 FLAGS=ff Ok, thanks anyway."
COMMAND=57 CHANCE=fe (254) MSG=0000 FLAGS=ff ?
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Re: Micromud

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Disc 2 format

#&0 battle messages lookup (3 bytes each)
#&400 battle messages data start

#&a00 room flags start (2 bytes per room,LSB of drop object room?,ROOM flags)

#&d00 please don't hack this msg :)

#&e00 room names lookup (3 bytes each)
#&1300 room names data start

#&0d600 exit/object message lookup (3 bytes each)
#&0dc00 exit/object message data start

#&10c00 mobile messages lookup (3 bytes each)
#&10e00 mobile messages data start

#&11a00 general message lookups (3 bytes each)
#&12d00 general message data start

#&21600 dunno

#&21800 blank

#&21a00 copied to memory in &7000->&7a40 (object data)

#&22500 blank

#&22900 dunno

#&24800 player data start (human player save data ) (player number slots*32 apart)

local memory A*2+#&ac40 = lookup
#&24900 data computer player AI stuff? store it at (starting 7ded*128+#&8080) (HUMAN/computer player data start) onwards until #&ff,#&ff is encountered

#&25100 blank

#&26a00 computer players? (128 bytes each)

#&28300 dunno

#&28400 computer player message lookups
#&28500 computer player message data (4 bytes) chance, msg lsb, msg msb, #&ff

#&28b00 blank

#&29a00 copied to memory in &c00->&1500 (fresh game reset data)

#&2a400 blank

#&2a600 LOG OFF - FINISHED GAME, read in &400 bytes to memory &2000 onwards, JMP &2000

#&2aa00 ?? lookups (3 bytes each) - counter and the random seeds...
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Re: Micromud

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Note this was the c64 version of micromud I disassembled - I brought a copy off ebay years ago, with all the docs etc in it.
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