The Opal Lily

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The Opal Lily

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More details of Lurkio's massive efforts with this game here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6770&p=138107&hilit ... ly#p138107

So I thought I'd test it out. Problems encountered so far:

1. The verb TIE creates the object LASSO regardless of whether you carry the VINE.
2. At the cliff, I can't work out how to tie the vine to the cliff. This could be me, of course.
3. The verb DIG with a noun that doesn't exist, eg DIG FLOWER produces "no such line at line 2300". Because k is 0.

I realise that interest in this sort of thing is limited, but if anyone fancies collaborating let me know.
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Re: The Opal Lily

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Hi iamaran, I'm happy to give this game a shot but I probably won't be able to start until the weekend.
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