Velnor's Lair

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Velnor's Lair

Post by shannick10 »

Hello all,

Was Velnor's Lair ever on the Beeb? I loved it on my Speccy.

I am currently slogging my way through the Lord of the Rings on the model B at the moment.

Any similar games to Velnor's Lair?


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Re: Velnor's Lair

Post by tricky »

I don't know that game, but there is a nice disc version of the Hobbit with the pc graphics added by the very talented but sadly no longer with us (grunty) Kieran Paul Mockford.
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Re: Velnor's Lair

Post by fuzzel »

I've just looked up this game on CASA and it seems the author was one Derek Brewster. Is this the same guy who wrote the excellent Adventure Trail articles for Crash magazine?
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Re: Velnor's Lair

Post by 8bitAG »

Yep, it's the same Derek Brewster. He wrote a ton of games, many non-adventure ones like Codename Mat, as well as text/graphic adventures like Kentilla.

I think there have been efforts to get him to chat about his text adventure work and articles in the past, but he doesn't really want to.

I think Velnor's Lair was in BASIC, so I guess a BBC port is potentially possible. There are quite a lot of those early text adventures fused with RPG elements out there, but I've never been a fan of random elements and combat, so I really couldn't recommend any,
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Re: Velnor's Lair

Post by derek »


I am in the process of converting Velnors Lair to QL BASIC from Spectrum BASIC, maybe good exercise in BBC BASIC to convert it to the BEEB

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