Seeking mode 7 artists

can you code, design levels/sprites/artwork or test games? volunteer!
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Seeking mode 7 artists

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Hi all,

I run a bulletin board that I've written a viewdata module for. For those who remember Prestel, it's similar, using the mode 7 teletext graphics and navigating by using single key presses or *keywords#.

My graphics abilities comes somewhere between stick men and prehistoric cave scratchings.

I'm looking for people who are a whizz with mode 7 stuff and would be willing to donate a few pages and headers.

If you want to login and take a look, point your emulator at port 6502. I can recommend running under R.T. Russel's bbcsdl. You'll need to add the server into the DATA around line 18 before running. Login as guest with an empty password.

Keep in mind, this is experimental so it may break at any time. Bug reports always welcome.

Pretty much the news headlines and sports news are populated.

You can emulate a modem (as much as you can with a packet network) with *MODEM1200# You can also use 2400 4800 9600 or *NETWORK# to reset

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