Night Ninja

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Night Ninja

Post by ChrisB »

Introducing Night Ninja - a fast paced arcade style game for the BBC Micro Model B, B+ and BBC Master series computers.
Embrace your inner Ninja and collect fifteen lanterns on each screen then exit through the door.

Inspired by Samurai Lantern by adventurebit -

Featuring large colourful mode 2 graphics and 50fps per pixel sprite movement this game will challenge your reflexes. Can you beat all four levels and set a best time?
Default controls are Z/X for left/right, Return to jump and Shift to swing sword. Controls can be redefined at the start of the game.

Change the sound volume with f0 and use f1 to select a difficulty level from the main screen.

Pressing Escape will move to the next screen to allow practice runs but will prevent a best time or high score from being recorded.

Hints for play:
  • Tap the jump key for a small jump or hold for a larger jump.
  • You can change direction and swing your sword whilst in the air.
  • Controlling the number of monsters on the screen is key to success.
  • It is possible to exit some screens at the edge and come back on the other side. This is risky in case a monster spawns but can be useful to get out of trouble.
  • The game will only record a best time when all four screens have been beaten. Best times and high scores are per difficulty level.
  • Th game takes over the whole machine. Exit with CTRL-BREAK & on some machines you may need to reset them completely.
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Re: Night Ninja

Post by 0xC0DE »

What a great little game! =D> =D>
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Re: Night Ninja

Post by Rob_hawk »

Once again this is fabulous to play. Lots of fun!

Thanks for providing a new gaming experience on my Model B.
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Re: Night Ninja

Post by sa_scott »

This is soooo good!!!
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