RaSCSIs - Pi-based SCSI emulator

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Re: RaSCSIs - Pi-based SCSI emulator

Post by danielj »

If I were to do another run of these, I can't source the buffers at the price I previously did, plus I need to replenish some other bits and bobs (Pi headers etc, etc), so we'd probably be looking at £30/£35 + postage.

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Re: RaSCSIs - Pi-based SCSI emulator

Post by AndyMc1280 »

Received mine yesterday, not tested yet, still recovering after hospital visit (wisdom teeth removal, was in overnight thursday/friday)

May be interested in another... but thats later on :lol:
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Re: RaSCSIs - Pi-based SCSI emulator

Post by zx5 »

Hi danielj,

I'm still interested. Please put me down for one if you do decide to do another run.


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