Opus DDOS 720k -> ADFS 640k

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Opus DDOS 720k -> ADFS 640k

Post by dr.grim »

Allegedly I've got the right board topic! Shout if not & I'll move it, still discovering...

I've knocked out a BASIC util that naively copies an Opus DDOS 720k disc (with up to 16 sub-volumes) over to an ADFS mounted drive (ideally 640k, otherwise it won't have room...). Reads the catalogues and then starts copying, so just works its way through the disc, a file at a time.

I wrote it as DDOS has those pesky sub-volumes, which meant a lot of manual intervention to use the otherwise excellent TreeCopy. Instead, DDOS2ADFS maps sub-volumes to folders, so we have:

:0A.$.!boot => :0.$.0A.!boot
:0A.c.dee => :0.$.0A.c.dee
:2F.A.FILE => :0.$.2F.A.FILE
:2H.A.BAD.ONE => :0.$.2H.A.BAD-ONE [note "." replacement]

So far seems fine, as whenever I've created DDOS discs, I've usually had bits'n'bobs of space on each volume - he says flicking through a pile of Vertigo floppies (BBC B / Master / Electron, disc / tape variants, etc...). Copes with files bigger than available free RAM.

Util is up on GitHub (with README.md): https://github.com/dr-grim/beeb-utils/t ... /DDOS2ADFS
And a blog about why/what/how/etc on https://dr-grim.github.io/retrograde/da ... DDOS2ADFS/

Hopefully this is of use to others and not another case of "Did you look at..." :D


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Re: Opus DDOS 720k -> ADFS 640k

Post by regregex »

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ROM 	        Version
Opus DDOS 	1.01
An official Master release of DDOS? That's a new one on me.

Any chance of an image please, as I'd like to compare with the BBC releases. Thanks.

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